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Scouting for job offers, concept artist+3d modeller, specialize in developing high-quality game content.

  • Interested in joining a team or outsource studio on a long-term contract.
  • Working from home, so the work is remote by definition(handling communication via skype is welcome.)
  • Fulltime schedule is also welcome, provided it's a standard, five-workdays-a-week, 8-hour deal. 
  • I specialize in weapons, armored vehicles, mechs, aviation, props, environment and level design with a heavy sci-fi bend.
  • Currently working in tandem with a 3d-modeller, so any assets I do come with the high and low-poly models and textures, ready for engine integration. 
  • Average time of completion for a next-gen, detailed asset is around two weeks depending on complexity.

  • Currently wrapping up loose ends, will be available for full-time work in a month.
  • NOT interested in any offers concerning spaceship designs, also not interested in developing content for mobile or casual markets.

Contact me on Skype karanak_ru or for further details.

Work by KaranaK


People keep asking if I'm okay with them making 3d models based on my concepts.
The answer is always yes, just credit me for inspiration.

Keep in mind, though, that a lot of stuff in my gallery is commercial work and it doesn't really belong to me from a legal standpoint, so remember about fair use n' stuff.

Also, lately I've seen a lot of people taking my concepts apart and using parts of them in their own concepts and artwork. Not really impressed by it, but go ahead, suit yourself - but once again, credit me for inspiration.

Looking for work

Sat May 24, 2014, 2:26 AM
Looking to do some work to fill the gaps between contracts.

Mostly interested in joining a team or outsource studio.
Working from home, so the work is remote by definition(handling communication via skype is welcome.)

Fulltime schedule is also welcome, provided it's a standard, five-workdays-a-week, 10-hour deal.

I specialze in weapons, armored vehicles, mechs, aviation, spaceship, props, environment and level design with a heavy sci-fi bend - the usual.

Currently working in tandem with a 3d-modeller, so any assets I do will come fully ready for integration.

If you're interested, contact me via PM or e-mail(


Thu May 15, 2014, 7:15 AM
Dropping by announce my stream.

I'll be streaming both on Saturday and Sunday.
On both days, the stream will start at 8 AM (GMT + 4:00), and I'm going to be streamimg for at least 8 hours, including the lunch break.

Here's the url:

If it all goes well, I'll just make a separate account on and stream regularly there.  

I'll be streaming my start on interior work (Don't really know know where I'm going to start there - most likely it's either going to be props - pilot's chair, control consoles, sleeping cells and the like or, maybe, basic wall tiles. I'll figure it out as I go.)

Let me give you a fair warning, though - it will most likely be boring as hell. It's my usual routine process of making the prop from start to finish. I don't do sketches, my work will look slow and tedious, because I make the concept down to the last bolt. So you shouldn't be surprised when you see me rotating my model around for 10 minutes with nothing changing about it.

Devious Journal Entry

Tue Nov 12, 2013, 3:25 AM
My RSI WIP thread: forums.robertsspaceindustries.…


Mon May 28, 2012, 6:02 AM


I'd like to clarify some things. If you want to use my concepts in non-profitable way don't ask for my permission every time. Just remember that 90% of all my concepts in the gallery are commercial. And the companies owning the copyrights wouldn't be happy to see their games' concepts in some other projects. If you don't infringe the copyrightuse them. If you want a commercial use, make sure you tell me about that.

Also I don't sell final works, because in most cases they have been already sold.

As for the job offers, I don't take single orders. Offers I can consider include PC and 
game console, mostly in Sci-fi genre. I don't consider any other offers.

Thanks for your attention!




p.s. Sorry, it is in Russian. Use


Pt 1:…
Pt 2:…
Pt 3:…
Pt 4:…
Pt 5:…
Pt 6:…


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The Russian Tony?

Sat Jan 29, 2011, 4:03 AM
It is sad, but I heard that I was often called "the Russian version of Tony". This is certainly good, but compare us based on only one stylistic similarities. To be as cool as he - I need to draw many more years. Experience he had in all more than I have. He began to draw at least ten years earlier. And besides, the anime style is not a priority for me (I want to connect my life with the game  movie concept art, and not something else). It's only a hobby, so catch him in the skills - I did not seem possible. I'm not worthy of comparison with him.
Sorry for my bad English.

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The Making Of work 'Black Hornet'

Sun May 2, 2010, 8:14 AM

p.s. Sorry, it is in Russian. Use

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The process of concept art

Mon Nov 9, 2009, 2:31 AM
The process of concept art: making of a space ship (Apis Cruiser)
p.s. Sorry, but while only in russian language

Сабж - кто там просил урок по конструирования техники? Он по ссылке выше.

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Everybody Congratulate Me :) It's my first year on dA :) Officialy it's two years, but my first work was presented exactly a year ago :)
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Вот скажите мне: благодарить за каждый вотч - это типа нормально и модно? А я ещё я встречал несколько раз таких жосских товарищей, которые благодорят за каждый фав картинки O__o
У меня мозг клинит при виде таких персонажей.
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Hey! At last I have finished this Tutorial. All interested to pass here:…
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ЫтЬ! Хоть раз написать что-то в этом грёбанном журнале. Гыгы. Англоязычным юзерам - превед! :D Меня ломает строчить на английском. Так что типа вот :P